Solidify, enforce, and quicken execution of compliant content work processes for multiple technical specifications using CORENA Insight and our Fleet Solution.

Part of the CORENA Suite for Operators and OEMs

CORENA Insight is a powerful portion of Flatirons’ CORENA Suite of products. Together these tools work as the most effective OEM-independent solution for organization facing challenges in publishing interactive technical information and operations content for complex assets. We give publishing teams supporting large assets the capability to handle all types of technical and operations manuals for aircraft and their components, marine vessels, railway rolling stock and more. Flatirons CORENA Suite products are already working for several of the world’s top transportation OEMs and operators.

Realtime & Historic Data

Flatirons CORENA Insight is a solution that provides real-time dashboards and historical reporting visibility, to monitor the status of critical projects and regulatory processes with technical content development requirements. CORENA Insight enables automation of much of the tracking of quality trends, on-time fidelity for work commits, and tracking to Six Sigma standards of quality. Reporting, tracking and decision support are now a byproduct of completed work instead of a distraction.

Faster Decision Making

CORENA Insight is designed to achieve the technical publishing goals of Fleet Operators and their associated content. Flatirons Fleet Solution promotes faster certification and go-to-market times for products, quick execution of engineering change requests, and improved engagement of review / approver stakeholders in your fleet, using the least intrusive methods possible.

Configuration & Integration

Deliver form-based change requests for implementation and enforcing of complex best practices and regulatory guidelines with the power of CORENA Insight. Create configurable form inputs and associated actions to reflect your organization’s technical information needs. Flatirons CORENA Insight is developed with Java/XML for easy integration into various platforms for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Maintenance/Service Lifecycle Management (MRO/SLM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

“Change Requests to aviation content require close cooperation across technical and business teams. CORENA Insight helps us manage change more easily, and provides detailed visibility into the process for managers and executives.”

-Technical Publications Manager

The Benefit of Experience

Flatirons brings over 25 years of experience to the table when delivering content lifecycle management solutions for the world’s leading aviation, aerospace, energy, marine, rail, automotive and defense organizations. We enable our clients to comprehensively optimize their mission-critical technical content for complex assets across their product and service lifecycles with the CORENA suite of CLM products.


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