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Achieve maximum aircraft utilization across your entire fleet


Our fleet solutions for maintenance and technical operations content publishing are used by the world’s largest carriers to make tens of thousands of technicians in the field more productive. Our iSpec 2200 and S1000D authoring and revision management products help make delivering accurate and interactive technical information on diverse fleets easier than ever before.

Trusted by the Best

With four of the world’s ten largest airlines as customers, and a host of second tier airlines adopting at a rapid pace, the Flatirons Fleet Solution is the de facto standard for operators looking to turn technical information into a competitive edge to drive greater productivity and aircraft utilization.

One Solution, Many Fleets

Flatirons Fleet Solution helps the world’s most innovative operators manage and distribute iSpec 2200, S1000D, and other structured and unstructured publications for more airframes, engines, and components than any other solution available. For technicians in the field, that means increased productivity and higher aircraft utilization.

Innovative by Design

The Flatirons Fleet Solution is backed by a research and development budget that is unmatched among OEM-independent solution providers. This strong annual investment level means that your investment in CORENA Suite will help your team meet not only today’s technical information management challenges, but tomorrow’s as well.

Fleet Solution Products and Resources

The CORENA SuiteTM by Flatirons is the leading content lifecycle management (CLM) solution developed specifically for organizations that rely on mission-critical data to design, manufacture, operate, or maintain complex assets over their product and service lifecycles.

The components of CORENA Suite used as part of the Flatirons Fleet Solution include:

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Flatirons can assist your organization in getting better utilization on fleet assets, higher productivity for mechanics in the field, and a lower cost of technical publications. Contact us to get started today.