Flight Ops Solution

Introducing an even more powerful solution for providing flight crews with the most current and accurate information

Strength in Unity for Flight Ops Innovation

TechPubs Global

Flatirons Solutions have acquired TechPubs Global forming an even more comprehensive solution for airline operators seeking to embrace the power of XML in Flight Ops. Working together, the existing TechPubs Global products will be maintained and supported with a strengthened global team, while an enhanced research and development team will be working to integrate TechSuite product features into an even more powerful CORENA Suite.

An airline’s safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency depend upon flight crews having the most accurate, up to date information available. Flatirons Flight Ops Solution provides powerful features that allow airlines to easily enhance OEM Flight Ops manuals to reflect proprietary best practices.

Make your organization more efficient and competitive using industry-leading effectivity, revision and reconciliation capabilities. The process of synchronizing OEM updates to remote users is now quicker and precise more than ever. Combined with CORENA Suite’s device-agnostic mobility features, the all-new Flatirons Flight Ops solution represents a significant evolution in the use of XML to enhance Flight Operations technical publishing.

Achieve Real Benefits

Flatirons Flight Ops Solution meets technical information management requirements for existing and new generation fleets. Our teams have worked with leading Fleet Operators, airlines and military organizations worldwide, and understand both the current state and future vision for Flight Ops. Our deep engagement in Spec 2300 industry groups is helping power the next generation of Flight Ops technology.

The Flatirons Flight Ops Solution streamlines authoring, revision, delivery, and compliance assurance of flight ops manuals and doc types. Give Flight Operations crews the information they need, when they need it and experience the benefit of improved fleet safety and productivity.

A Paperless Cockpit

The CORENA Suite-powered Flatirons FlightOps solution features a powerful publishing engine capable of delivering dynamic content to on or off-line users in a variety of interactive formats. The result is dramatic reductions in print and domicile ship costs while supporting mixed fleets of aircraft across multiple OEMs and devices with a single solution. Our ability to support EFB, tablet and mobile devices on Android, Windows and iOS meets the challenges of the paperless cockpit.

Rapid Update Capability

An airline’s competitiveness is built on its ability to identify and formalize best practices related to the safe operation of its assets. Flight operations documents and company manuals are a major tool in that arsenal. The Flatirons FlightOps Solution provides vital tools to seamlessly link and reuse content across multiple technical and operational disciplines to improve accuracy, simplify updates, and provide on-demand digital delivery to mobile users in the cockpit or in the cabin.

Improve Compliance

Assuring compliance in unstructured authoring environments is a manual, arduous process. By leveraging the advanced XML authoring, revision management, and delivery capabilities of CORENA Suite, the Flatirons FlightOps solution allows flexible tracking of compliance obligations and their fulfillment. Automated workflows tailored to each manual and third party integrations extend the publishing ecosystem to auditors and regulators providing comprehensive compliance assurance.

Flight Ops Expertise and Resources

Flatirons is a recognized leader in Flight Operations technical publications and compliance management. We are the provider of Flight Ops software and services solutions for leading airlines including United Airlines, JetBlue, Etihad, Southwest Airlines and many others.

Our knowledge of XML standards for flight operations, combined with our global presence and tools to create, manage and consume Flight Ops technical publications in any format, on any device, make us the de factor standard for OEM-independent publishing.

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