Financial Services

Flatirons can help your financial services organization save millions in valuable IT budget through Application Retirement for InfoArchive.

Solutions for Financial Services

Flatirons has a rich history helping banks, investment management companies, credit card processing companies, and other financial services clients develop and implement solutions that handle high volumes of sensitive information. We have experience securely managing the sensitive information that is subject to Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and other regulatory and compliance requirements.

We’ve helped our clients develop and implement solutions that deliver personalized information using single-source workflows, collaboration with on- and off-line system access, contributions from third parties, and delivery to mobile devices. We’ve also delivered content lifecycle management solutions that publish critical worldwide operating regulations, SEC-compliant materials, and other materials under legal control to help our clients run their businesses efficiently while reducing the challenges of handling highly regulated information.

Flatirons regularly works with IT departments and Compliance officers to adopt Application Retirement strategies to reduce the costs and risks associated with the secure maintenance of legacy applications and their legacy data.

Total Control of Critical Information

Flatirons provides solutions to financial service institutions that enable comprehensive control of critical content. Reduce or potentially eliminate your dependence on legacy applications while improving access to your legacy data. Store your legacy data in a secure single-source archive that improves regulatory compliance while empowering your organization with big data analytics — turn your content into knowledge®.


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