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partner-key-cavokCAVOK is an aviation services firm that supports air carriers with the development of manual systems and processes that conform to Safety Management System (SMS) concepts, in support of air carrier mergers and certifications, NAPG events, and related aircraft conformity inspections. CAVOK also designs, builds, and maintains aircraft maintenance inspection programs, and assists carriers with the associated reliability data collection and analysis necessary to maintain and enhance those programs, and the air carrier’s operation.

CAVOK strives to provide the highest level of safety and efficiency to its air carrier partners within the aviation industry. Since 2010, Flatirons has been a key partner of CAVOK, helping to build content management systems that assist airlines in validating regulatory compliance for operation and maintenance documentation.

Functional areas of the aviation industry are listed below:

  • Air Carrier Mergers and Certifications
  • NAPG Support for Existing Air Carriers
  • Aircraft Conformity Inspections
  • Design of Air Carrier Safety Management Systems
  • Aircraft Maintenance Programs and Reliability Engineering
  • Services and Solutions-Supporting Software
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