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partner-key-marklogicMarkLogic Corporation is the provider of the industry’s leading XML content server. Mark Logic was created around four key ideas:

  • Content. To build a system specifically designed to handle content (e.g., documents), not data.
  • XQuery. To build a complete implementation of the emerging W3C standard query language for accessing XML documents.
  • Speed. To build a system with search-engine-like performance, able to respond to queries in milliseconds.
  • Scale. To build a system capable of handling content bases up to tens or hundreds of terabytes in size.

Flatirons has been a key MarkLogic partner for over 10 years, and was the recipient of MarkLogic’s 2012 Partner of the Year Award. Flatirons employees, many of whom are Certified MarkLogic Developers, regularly work with MarkLogic to provide high-performance, highly-searchable XML-based delivery solutions for technical, commercial and government publishing clients.

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