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5 Steps You Should Take to Prepare for Mandated S1000D Adoption

Calendar October 8, 2017 | User Charles S. Cunningham | Tag , , , ,

S1000D Adoption – 5 Steps You Should Take to Prepare for the Mandate

Last week we discussed the industry’s latest push to mandate S1000D-compliant data. Our article came on the heels of Boeing’s recent communication sent to suppliers supporting the 777X program encouraging them to move towards producing S1000D-compliant data with a target of 3rd quarter 2018.

Your organization may be like many that understand what is coming around the corner but remain unsure where to start. Here are 5 steps your team should take immediately to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the industry’s transition to S1000D-compliant data requirements.

1. Don’t Wait

The transition toward producing S1000D-compliant data takes time. The amount of time varies between organizations, depending on size, workforce skill set and approach. Depending on the approach your team takes, the transition could take upwards of a year. Implementation time can be reduced significantly if an organization outsources or supplements their S1000D authoring using an experienced facilitator. However, it will take time to establish a comprehensive plan and train your workforce. In this highly competitive market, being an early mover and staying ahead of the pack is a significant advantage.

2. Assess Your Team

Before moving forward, it’s generally a good idea to assess where you stand. Start by taking an assessment of your authors in S1000D concepts such as reuse, business rules modeling and adherence, and applicability. Ensuring that your team has the right skills in-house and training to fill any gaps is essential for the successful adoption of S1000D.

3. Examine Your Processes

Perform an audit to your authoring, editorial, and publishing processes to see to what degree your current processes inadvertently model legacy models of behaviors. S1000D brings freedom from a publication-centric approach to content delivery, with an emphasis on component content, reuse, and dynamic publications. Look at your processes at the author, team, and organizational levels to ensure that you are taking full advantage of the capabilities that S1000D brings to make technical information more timely and relevant for your audiences.

4. Update Your Technology

Often the only aspect of this transition that receives attention, technology is an important enabler of S1000D adoption success. Choosing a platform that includes robust support for S1000D across the entire content lifecycle — at the point of content authoring, review and approval, publication management and assembly, as well as delivery to end-users is critical.

5. Work with an Experienced Facilitator or Even Supplement Your Workforce?

Working with an experienced facilitator of S1000D authoring like Flatirons Jouve will eliminate or significantly reduce many of the common pitfalls and reduce the time to implement S1000D offerings within your organization. Our CORENA Managed Content Services team has several S1000D subject matter experts and the domain expertise to assist your team in making the transition or creating S1000D-compliant content.

Now it is time to get started! To receive more information about how Flatirons Jouve can assist your team by providing enabling technologies for your internal teams or alternately outsourced services through a trusted and accountable supplier, please complete the form below.


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