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Albert Einstein & Technical Publications: Part 2

Calendar February 24, 2016 | User Steve Scheuber | Tag ,

On the Road

The road to the adoption of new, progressive process improvements and technology solutions can be long, especially in the aerospace industry. Again, Einstein said it best,

“Life is like riding a bicycle—to keep your balance you must keep moving”.

To stay afloat in the midst of large-scale process and organization change, you must keep the ball rolling. Anticipate challenges and accept the presence of setbacks. The process begins, of course, with a good plan.

Diffusion of Innovation

The phrase ‘diffusion of innovation’ is the scientific theory of how innovation spreads. Change, in any organization, is challenging – even when change is ‘for the right reasons.’ In each Flatirons engagement, we work with our clients to identify project stakeholders and organizational cultural leaders. Enrolling these people is crucial to any technology roll-out and effective adoption. Depending on the engagement, we use both pre-existing training materials and custom-built materials to guide key stakeholders through every step of the process. Our experience has been honed helping some of the world’s largest airlines and aviation OEMs. When American Airlines implemented our mobile technology for their aircraft mechanics, we worked extensively to ensure the transition from paper to Interactive Electronic Technical Procedures (IETP) went smoothly. Today, our mobile technology is used by over 12,000 American Airlines mechanics worldwide – saving time with each and every touchpoint. We recognize that time to competency means productivity and a fast return on investment (ROI). We bring a wealth of experience helping high-tech OEMs and operators transition from current business practices to improved productivity. This shift empowers our clients to focus more on their core business and less on tech pubs.

Think Big – Start Small

Peter Senge, famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) system thinker, boils success down to the simple formula of,

“think big, start small and act fast.”

Set big goals, and break them down into specific and doable next steps. Act quickly to accomplish each small step and be willing to take corrective action when needed. Learn quickly, adapt and keep moving toward the goal. Senge believes that, “change is the only constant—organizations change or they die.” Flatirons helps clients see the big picture and understand the realm of possible improvements by handling tech pubs differently.  Then, as a trusted partner, we establish the incremental steps that deliver increased value each step of the way.

Millennials as Change Drivers

Millennials are loosely defined as the generation that approached adulthood around the year 2000.  They are often referred to as ‘digital natives’ and have different technology expectations than preceding generations. Paper and PDF tech pubs do not meet their needs. This is precisely why video and rich media usage is exploding as mechanisms to boost productivity of highly technical workers. Instead of digging through volumes of paper or lengthy PDF files looking for information about infrequently performed crucial tasks, millennials look to their mobile devices. YouTube usage statistics only prove the point. Flatirons has an extensive group of professionals that create rich media and video training to provide just-in-time, just-when-needed, training.  When integrated with advanced content management solutions, video and rich media are an extremely effective approach to make precise subject matter expert knowledge available for reuse by less experienced staff, speeding the time to competency and productivity. Beyond task efficiency, advanced content management solutions with integrated video and rich media improve employee job satisfaction, which results in lower turnover. The converse has also proven true—reliance on legacy techniques and paper processes lowers job satisfaction and can negatively impact employee retention.

Content Solutions and Competitive Advantage

For tech pubs groups, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Though similar, all tech pubs groups have different requirements, different data to work with, different skill-sets and different business restrictions. We’ve seen it all—and we get it. Our worldwide customer base, including many of the world’s largest companies, brings us deep expertise working in highly complex environments. When presented with a new tech pubs group, odds are, we’ve already solved the exact issues facing the group. Whether it’s the variety of data types, interfacing with other important IT systems or supporting worldwide authoring and illustration needs; we’ve been there and done that and can show you how. We can help you leverage the best technology and services available—all designed to make you more successful. Flatirons makes it easy to explore the realm of possible improvements with free information about our products and services, supported by proof points from existing customers.  We’re pleased to conduct a free business case analysis that helps executives understand how we can help their business run more efficiently. In addition, we offer free second opinions and proven alternative approaches when existing business processes and service providers fail to live up to increasingly high expectations. Let us help you get started. Business case analysis, information and second opinions are always free – there’s nothing to lose, unless you wait.

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