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Are You Kidding Me?

Calendar September 25, 2015 | User Paul Saunders | Tag , , ,

Expected the unexpected and you’ll make your own luck

A strange thing happened during the evening rush hour less than a half-mile from our Irvine Office last Wednesday night. One commuter managed to catch the footage on their dashcam.

It seems that an engine failure during a trainee pilot’s touch-and-go exercise meant the instructor had to take the controls and make an emergency landing on the nearest piece of open ground available which was Red Hill Avenue. Visitors to our office in Irvine will be familiar with the roar of passing aircraft, both taking off and landing at nearby John Wayne airport, but we’ve never seen an aircraft competing with traffic like that before. It’s an incredible sequence of events and good fortune ensured that nobody was hurt. Certainly it could have ended very badly for the aircraft and traffic alike.

However, we know from our experience of providing technical publication authoring and illustrations services for the aerospace industry that we often make our own luck. You can’t just rely on good fortune that road users are all paying attention to the skies and that the traffic lights are on green when you are forced to make an emergency landing.

Every project that we undertake has an element of risk… albeit never life threatening, but our project teams have years of experience and using our proven platform based processes, and competent program management practice we’re able to both foresee any potential risks and mitigate against them, whilst allowing our teams the empowerment and flexibility to improvise their way out of sticky situations.

Whilst we have a number of licensed pilots on our staff, I would never expect any of our content creation teams members to land in heavy traffic. Though  we can always rely on them to be cool, calm and composed whatever challenges our customers throw their way, we always aim well, and land on the right runway every time.

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