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CMS-DITA NA Recap: Keeping Dandelions and Content from Spiraling Out of Control

Calendar May 5, 2014 | User Julie Fouque

Springtime in Seattle for last week’s Content Management Strategies/DITA North America conference brought an abundance of sunshine to the typically gray city. Just as people start gearing up to tackle another season of dandelions and other weeds that can easily spiral out of control, so, too, did conference attendees continue to grapple with their organizations’ data that’s on a similar trajectory.

While the conference focused on the mechanics of content management and the use of DITA, peeling back a layer showed that much of the conversation was really about content lifecycle management, or CLM.

Sessions across the four tracks (Information Design & Development, Technical Solutions, Management, and Emerging Technologies) dealt with how to create, deliver, consume, and optimize your organization’s content so the destined consumer gets the precise information they want, when they want it, and in the way they want it. This holds true whether you’re in healthcare, cable and television, aerospace, heavy equipment manufacturing, or other industries.

Reading back through Tweets from the conference shows how each one reflected an aspect of CLM, such as:

  • Social media content trends are revolutionizing how organizations manage information throughout its lifecycle
  • #cms self-assessment opportunity: does your organization know its barriers to digital publishing?
  • 50% of content on one corporate website had never been viewed. Irrelevant data removed, [website] use skyrocketed!
  • Analysis: Do you know where opportunities for content reuse are throughout the PLC in your organization?
  • A #mobile strategy is no longer optional in today’s “anywhere-anytime” economy
  • Going crazy with markup resulted in worst content management project ever
  • Graphics tips: bring clarity and sanity to training graphics through a library of shared materials

From social media opportunities and training challenges to digital strategies for successful mobile publishing, the challenge of creating, managing, delivering, and optimizing information throughout its lifecycle is not dwindling. Luckily, there is a wealth of technology solutions available that are evolving with the complex requirements organizations face today.

Getting a grip on content lifecycle management challenges can be tackled just like you can stay on top of dandelions. An effective action plan with the right tools will keep you in control.

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