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Women Leadership in Flatirons Jouve: Janelle LaTour

Calendar March 29, 2018 | User Charles S. Cunningham

Janelle LaTour Discusses Her New Role as Fleet Program Director

Janelle was born and raised in southeast Alaska and has climbed all over the world, including the Nepal Himalayas. She has plans to hike 12 Colorado 14ers in the summer of 2018 and will be eloping on a mountain this fall. Janelle looks forward to continuing to explore the Rocky Mountain range and to tackling new and challenging mountaineering experiences.

As mentioned in our latest blog article highlighting Lindsay Aiken, Flatirons Jouve is implementing several strategic changes aimed at increasing employee and customer satisfaction along with continually improving quality and performance.

Flatirons Jouve works with complex organizations with complex needs. There is an intrinsic challenge managing the many elements of each project to ensure that our client’s needs are met or exceeded. With this challenge in mind, leadership has focused on methods designed to increase attention to detail on these important projects, and ease the flow of information between teams.

The leadership team looked within the organization for a candidate that could facilitate this change and lead CORENA Fleet development, ultimately selecting Janelle LaTour.  Janelle’s skill set, passion, follow-through and attention to detail made her an ideal choice. Janelle has served as Fleet Program Director since February 2018.

Our team sat down with Janelle to learn more about her new role and gain additional background on her story.


 Can you shine some light on your experience that led you to join Flatirons Jouve?

I had only been a project manager for about 2 years when I joined Flatirons. My previous experience in the tech world was as an attorney facilitating a software development company’s acquisition into a large multinational corporation. Many people wonder why I left law and did a complete career shift to project management.  For me, it was about finding a career that challenged me, enabled me to have a voice, and allowed me to advocate for greater efficiencies in processes.

While performing risk analysis on the ongoing contract work for that acquisition I realized I was deeply and passionately interested in project execution and risk management. Fast forward a few years, in my interview for a Project Management role at Flatirons I expressed that I was eager to join a small and flexible company with a focus on methodology and efficiency. I wanted to work in an environment that encouraged new ideas and not just problem-solving, but problem prevention. Flatirons was the perfect fit.


What has your journey at FSI been like?

My journey at Flatirons has been one of constant growth and collaboration. Over the past 2.5 years, I have worked on a variety of project types and have requested challenging engagements.  My background in law, and focus on risk identification and mitigation (as well as the impact on financial forecasts), was a natural fit for defining methodology improvements.

My interest and effort were noticed by leadership and I was encouraged and empowered to take on the challenges that interested me.


What do you enjoy most about working with Flatirons Jouve?

The best part is that I work with a group of like-minded people who all want to find the best way to execute work. This type of collaborative and open environment allows us to challenge each other’s assumptions and work productively together to consider the problem from all angles.


What makes you excited about your new position?

I am very excited about my new position as the Aerospace Program Director. With the changes to the company’s organizational structure and a renewed focus on customer satisfaction, I’m provided the rare opportunity to directly reshape methodology and processes for project execution. I’m thrilled to be working with the leadership team to help define the next generation of our company.


What goals would you like to accomplish in your new role that will bring additional value to our customers?

Having worked directly with a variety of customers across multiple industries, I’ve heard first-hand over the years what makes our company great.  But perhaps more importantly, I’ve heard and seen what could be improved for our customers.  I wear two hats in my role: I represent the customer’s best interests while making methodology changes and advising on decisions and escalations in project execution.  Simultaneously, I work to ensure that our business model is financially viable and that our project teams are enjoying their work. My goal is to improve customer satisfaction by resolving the root causes of any friction– I want to focus on curing the cause, not the symptoms, in order to bring real and sustainable value to our customers.


We are glad to have Janelle leading this team and grateful to have her as a member of the Flatirons Jouve family! For additional information please contact:

Charles Cunningham, Flatirons Solutions, Inc., [email protected], +1 303.542.2182.

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