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Flatirons Releases CORENA Studio 6.2 – XML Editor Featuring Powerful Authoring Tools and Seamless Repository Integration

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Includes a Trade-in Offer for Current Arbortext Editor Customers

Flatirons Solutions is proud to announce the release of version 6.2 of its CORENA Studio product, a powerful XML content creation platform for use by authors and technical publishing teams wanting to create more modular, reusable, and interactive structured content.

CORENA Studio combines native support for multiple widely adopted specifications, including iSpec, 2200, S1000D, and DITA, while providing technical authors with a feature-rich, WYSIWYG editing environment that supports maximum ease of use, ease of adoption, and high configurability to suite personalization.

This release adds to the series of extensive product improvements since the acquisition by Flatirons Solutions of CORENA in 2014, and CORENA Studio 6.2 now includes many powerful features for existing or prospective users of CORENA Knowledge Center (formerly known as CORENA CSDB or TechSight/X CMS):

  • Improved usability for authors through seamless integration with the CORENA Knowledge Center repository, allowing authors to browse, search, and link to managed content without leaving the authoring environment.
  • Intuitive WYSIWYG authoring with dynamic XSLT rendering, MS Word-like functionality, and support for drag-and-drop of content, graphics, or tables from MS Office documents to promote content reuse and lower publication costs.
  • Production efficiencies for aerospace and aviation authors using iSpec 2200 or S1000D specifications thanks to support for newly added industry-specific document and manual types that include:
  • Improved Flight Ops support thanks to applicability filtering by phase of flight
  • Support for Component Maintenance Manuals (CMM) document types in addition to existing support for Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM), Company Manual, Work Card document types
  • Faster performance due to multi-threaded processing for CORENA Studio’s dynamic XSLT presentation layer, and optimization of formatting and rendering components to enhance support for especially large or complex documents.
  • Improved DITA 1.2 support, for teams that leverage DITA for content portability outside of aerospace, or for internal company documents that may not require the specialized functionality of iSpec 2200 or S1000D.

Favorable trade-in offers available for current Flatirons customers

Flatirons Solutions is offering CORENA Knowledge Center customers currently using less capable third-party authoring solutions to trade their current licenses for CORENA Studio seats at no cost, though standard maintenance will apply. This offer will allow IT organizations to cut annual maintenance costs, while improving author productivity.

Learn more

Request a demo or start by downloading the CORENA Studio sales sheet if you want to learn more!

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