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InfoTrust Group Launches Easy-to-use, Structured XML Editor

Calendar September 12, 2012

Relentless Pursuit to Deliver Innovative XML Solutions Opens Up Structured XML Authoring to Broad User Base

IRVINE, CA – September 12, 2012 – InfoTrust Group (, a leading global provider of XML-based technical publishing solutions and services for the aerospace, high-tech, defense, semi-conductor, and publishing industries, announced today the launch of its new, easy-to-use, structured XML editor.

Traditional XML editors require users to understand XML coding as well as significant training. Because of this, the benefits of high-quality structured XML have been limited to users willing to make the time and financial commitment required to use these tools.

In contrast, InfoTrust Group aims to provide powerful XML authoring capabilities through a friendly user experience that minimizes the complexities of XML, a simple and intuitive interface, and an editor that is available across multiple platforms, such as Microsoft® Windows®, Mac OS®, and Linux. By providing an easy-to-use XML authoring environment – and by making it available at a price point lower than other options available today –  InfoTrust Group makes XML authoring accessible to a wider user community in line with the needs for broader adoption of XML across multiple industries.

InfoTrust Group has acquired Serna Enterprise XML Editor from Syntext, Inc., as its XML tool of choice. Serna challenges traditional XML editing models by letting anyone author valid XML content in a WYSIWYG environment. It also provides advanced functionality with an easy-to-use tool, is fully based on open standards, and can be easily enhanced and augmented. These benefits distinguish Serna XML Editor from other options and, as InfoTrust Group applies its more than 20 years of XML expertise to refining Serna XML Editor, it will become the most effective XML editor on the market from both technology and user perspectives.

“InfoTrust Group has been a leader in XML-based solutions for more than two decades, and I am thrilled to fold Serna into the InfoTrust Group product and technology set and join the team of XML experts at InfoTrust Group to take Serna to the next level,” said Paul Antonov, CEO of Syntext, Inc. “Serna has been an integral part of InfoTrust Group solutions, and this is a natural next step.”

“Organizations across industries are demanding easier-to-use XML tools that don’t compromise advanced authoring capabilities in order to meet their most pressing business needs,” said Geoffrey Godet, InfoTrust Group President and CEO. “The launch of a powerful, easy-to-use, and affordable XML editor will enable us to continue to innovate in the XML field and provide a response for both our customers and our partner ecosystem to the increasing demand for easy XML authoring.”

Serna XML Editor is available for online purchase at

For more information about Serna XML Editor, visit

About InfoTrust Group

For more than 25 years, InfoTrust Group ( has provided XML-based publishing solutions for global organizations and Fortune 500 companies in the aerospace, airline, defense, automotive, high-tech, publishing, and other industries. Our team of more than 250 experts has deep technical and domain knowledge in XML publishing and content management. We apply our expertise using industry standards such as XML, SGML, S1000D, DITA, ATA, and various military specifications to develop solutions that help customers meet their technical publishing requirements with the highest quality, fastest turnaround, and lowest possible cost. Our TechSight/X® solution is in production at many of the largest airlines around the world. OEMs and commercial and cargo carriers also rely on InfoTrust Group services to increase the efficiency of authoring, managing, and processing data to keep it timely, accurate, and industry-compliant. To learn more about InfoTrust Group’s products, services and solutions, please visit

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