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InfoTrust Group Launches

Calendar August 17, 2013

Tightens Focus on TechSight/X® Brand, Reinforces Expertise in Manufacturer-independent Technical Information Management Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

InfoTrust Group ( announced today that it has launched the website to tighten the focus of its TechSight/X suite of products for the aerospace industry and reinforce the awareness of the TechSight/X brand in the aerospace community.

For more than two decades, InfoTrust Group has developed technical information management solutions for the aerospace industry. The introduction of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner, the upcoming A350 release, and the introduction of other new-generation aircraft make it more critical than ever for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their suppliers, airline operators, and MROs to identify solutions for handling all of their technical information, whether for existing or new-generation fleets, in a cost-effective way.

“The TechSight/X suite of products is the only manufacturer-independent option on the market today that offers OEMs, component suppliers, operators, and MROs a complete solution for their specific technical information needs,” said JD Sillion, vice president of Products and Solutions for InfoTrust Group. “By providing a website dedicated to the TechSight/X suite and elevating the brand, we can better articulate the needs of the aerospace community and how the TechSight/X suite of products responds to them and their evolving requirements.”

The TechSight/X suite of products helps OEMs reduce the complexity of their technical information management systems and increase the quality, market-ability, and value of their manufactured goods to their end-users and partners. For airline operators, it provides a tailored solution to ensure technical information readiness for both existing and new-generation fleets.

To learn more about the TechSight/X suite of products, visit

About the TechSight/X Suite of Products

The TechSight/X suite of products ( is the leading manufacturer-independent solution for technical information management developed specifically for the aerospace industry. For more than 25 years, the world’s leading airlines and aerospace manufacturers have relied on the TechSight/X suite of products to create, manage, and deliver large volumes of technical information in support of the production, operation, and maintenance of aircraft throughout their lifecycle. The TechSight/X suite of products is in production at many of the world’s largest airlines, and OEMs and commercial and cargo carriers use the TechSight/X suite to modernize their infrastructures, improve customer satisfaction, and maintain their competitive advantage.

Contact: Julie Fouque, InfoTrust Group, Inc.,, +1 303. 627.6535.

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