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Innovation Reverberates at MRO Americas

Calendar April 12, 2016 | User Paul Saunders

Last week’s MRO Americas event in Dallas saw a renewed focus from the aerospace MRO community on next generation technology and innovation. In previous years conference delegates may have been forgiven for complaining about the same old demands for mobility and adoption of legacy technologies. However, this year the focus was firmly on the future. Delegates and conference attendees had emerging technology as their main themes for debate and discussion. Vendors new and old were out in force to show off their wares at the flagship industry event in Dallas last week. Not least the Flatirons team who were right in the midst of the debate.

Big data, the internet of things, data science and other factors that are driving a smarter, more proactive way of doing business were the talk of the town. Many visitors to the Flatirons Solution booth were keen to explore new ways of creating technical content to promote knowledge and user efficiency at the point of performance. At the show, the Flatirons team launched their newly branded CORENA Managed Content Services solution meaning our customers have an even greater choice when it comes to turning their content into knowledge.

Aerospace customers can choose Flatirons’ industry leading OEM and program-independent content lifecycle management software to create, manage and consume their content. Or they can rely on Flatirons’ technology augmented services to take care of their content lifecycle management needs. Either way, Flatirons’ customers have two ways to see innovation turning their content into knowledge.

The Flatirons Solutions events team now turns their attention to Europe where the next event will be the Airline and Aerospace MRO and Operations IT Conference in Amsterdam in June.

Find out more about Flatirons Solutions CORENA Managed Content Services and how CORENA Suite technology augments our world-class technical authoring and illustration services.

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