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iPad for Flight Deck Masterclass Addresses Early Adoption of Tablets in the Cockpit

Calendar May 7, 2013

How Airlines Can Get the Most From iPad Deployments Webinar

May 16, 2013, Session I 06:30 GMT, Session II 15:00 GMT

In an effort to eliminate paper from the flight deck and save fuel costs, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, and others are leading the way with deployments of thousands of iPads to their pilots. Yet their iPad deployments are only scratching the surface of the benefits they can achieve by transitioning from paper-based Flight Operations models to using tablets on the flight deck.

In this 60-minute webinar co-hosted by AircraftIT, Captain John Badger, a former chief pilot and lead designer of InfoTrust Group’s TechSight/X® iPad Application for Flight Operations, and Ed Kase, product manager for Flight Operations, review early uses of iPad for Flight Operations. They describe the shortcomings of traditional PDF-based content models for iPad and explain how the use of smart content opens up new possibilities for an entirely new digital experience that can help pilots find the right information more quickly, lower IT costs, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

Participants will learn:

  • What smart content is and why it offers more capabilities than traditional PDF documents.
  • How using smart content delivers not just a lot of information quickly but the right information pilots need.
  • Why using smart content for flight operations reduces the size of data packages and shortens synchronization time, thus lowering the cost of data transmission when applying updates to manuals.
  • How using smart content enables interactive capabilities to help pilots find information faster – including search, bookmarks, annotations, and personal notes.
  • And how you can incorporate real-time, interactive capabilities in your Flight Operations iPad application to track pilot acknowledgment of updated content that facilitates regulatory compliance.

iPad for Flight Deck Masterclass Webinar & Smart Content Application Demo

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