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Make It Real Through Insights From Some of the World’s Most Experienced S1000D Practitioners at the S1000D User Forum 2015

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The topic of this year’s S1000D User Forum is “Actualizing S1000D – Making it real!” At Flatirons we put S1000D into practice every day at customer sites around the globe. The Flatirons S1000D team has participated in the definition and evolution of the S1000D standard, and we will be by your side all the way from initial strategy and analysis of requirements and ROI to development of business rules, data conversion, system implementation and training of personnel. We engage in standards organizations to help ensure that industry specifications evolve in ways that are responsive to OEM and operator needs and to advocate for the real-world needs of Flatirons customers.

S1000D and the CORENA Suite of products

The CORENA Suite of products is the most advanced S1000D offering for the aerospace and defense community on the market, providing solutions for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and airline operators that support multi-spec requirements.

We will look forward to share our experiences at the S1000D User Forum and to show how our solutions can help your organization simplify your technical information management processes and reduce costs.

Featured speakers and topics include:

  • Tim Larson, Director Standards and Member of the ATA e-Business Steering Committee, Civil Aviation Work S1000D Steering Committee will be presenting an overview of some of the challenges and opportunities associated with migrating to a new, S1000D-enabled publishing platform.
    “Many roads lead to Rome: Use a step-by-step approach to find the right path and maximize the value of your migration efforts
  • Jason Duffey, Vice President of Sales, and a long-time partner of leading operators worldwide, will be presenting a demonstration of one of the latest CORENA Suite offers for paperless Tech Ops, our new eTaskCard offer.
    30-minutes product demo: “Go paperless and lower your engineering and technical operations costs by adapting eTaskCards”

Participants are invited to visit the Flatirons booth to learn more about our CORENA Suite of solutions for aerospace and defense and to discuss your specific challenges.

Event Details

What: S1000D User Forum
Where: San Diego, California, US
When: 21-24 September 2015
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