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Overcoming Techpubs Challenges With S1000D

Calendar July 20, 2017 | User Charles S. Cunningham | Tag , , , , ,

Overcoming Techpubs Challenges With S1000D

Ensuring that technical information is accurate and up-to-date is only half of the battle for today’s technical authoring teams. With the widespread use of Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals/Publications (IETMs/IETPs), customers have high expectations for intelligent information resources. Because of It makes sense to author and manage technical information in data modules that the benefits to content reuse and multi-channel publishing are easy to recognize.

This week’s infographic explains how the implementation of an S1000D solution can overcome three of the most common Techpubs challenges.

If you find this infographic helpful, feel free to share it with your team via LinkedIn. Be sure to take a look at last week’s article that discusses How Managed Content Services Accelerates S1000D Implementation.

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