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Paperless in Miami

Calendar March 14, 2016 | User Anna Rice | Tag ,

The Miami Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference is a wrap, and the Flatirons team came away with new insight into the needs of the industry and made some new friends to boot. Paul Saunders, gave an extremely well-received presentation on, “The Shape of Things To Come – The Future of Paperless Maintenance.” Check out the full presentation here:

Over the course of the conference, the word ‘paperless’ seemed to be everywhere. What does ‘paperless’ really mean for our industry? Andy Genao from Atlas Air hit on an important truth when he said,

“PDF isn’t paperless, it’s just postponing the printing.”

While a true paperless reality beckons from around the corner, most organizations still have many hurdles to overcome. Change adoption may be the biggest hurdle, or as Genao puts it,

“The only way we will go paperless, is when we will have actually used up all the paper in the world.”

As Paul Saunders discussed in his presentation, much of our ‘digital’ procedures mimic our paper procedures – not really embracing rich media and mobile technologies – just ‘digitizing’ paper processes already in place. We enjoyed meeting and discussing content lifecycle management needs with everyone who stopped by to see us at the show and we’re looking forward to seeing everyone at the European instance of the Airline & Aerospace MRO & Flight Operations IT Conference in Amsterdam, June 14-15, 2016.


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