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Struggling to Get Up-to-date Aircraft Software Configuration Statuses?

Calendar October 27, 2015 | User Timo Storm | Tag , , , , ,

Get full visibility and drive better efficiency and safety with eESM and AMOS.

Modern eEnabled aircraft and upgraded legacy fleets rely as much on embedded software as precision hardware for their safe, reliable operation — a fact that until recently had relatively little visibility as an area of technical operation optimization.

Maintenance programs originally built around the needs of hardware configuration were sometimes ill-suited to the complexities of eEnabled embedded software management as new fleets came into service, leading to gaps in configuration visibility and an increase in labor costs. The need to better track software configuration in tandem with hardware modifications while integrating with back-end MRO platforms was the requirement driving development of the Flatirons eESM (eEnabled Software Management) solution.


Finnair was one of the first airlines to take the advanced Airbus A350 into service. They needed a tool to manage all the software upgrades on-board the aircraft. The eEnabled Software Management tool from Flatirons and Lufthansa will help them fully control all software updates on each aircraft individually. Through its integration with the currently deployed Maintenance Management System from AMOS, the eESM solution will help them to ensure best possible aircraft configuration management.


Flatirons´ eESM provides MROs with an effective tool to make technical operations more productive by better controlling the software status of every legacy and eEnabled aircraft in the fleet; and provide insight for all of the authorized users throughout the organization. A rule-based view of the current or historical software status per aircraft gives any full visibility into vital software version information without complex or costly manual data collection and processing.

Since every organization in the maintenance world has its own unique IT ecosystem, eESM is designed to fit into existing application environments via lightweight integrations. Things like user authentication and role / group association, or the re-use of maintenance accomplishment information are making it an even more worthwhile solution.


A new and rich feature of the eESM solution is the connection to AMOS. This easy to deploy integration makes life easier and safer for maintenance program operator by automatically synchronizing the eESM aircraft software configuration with the load details from the AMOS master record. This feature guarantees that the current software status per aircraft is always up to date and 100% synchronized between AMOS as the leading system and eESM, helping to ensure compliance with both OEM and Operator configuration guidelines.

By providing users throughout the organization with current software status on a per aircraft basis in real-time, eESM from Flatirons Solutions helps the technical organization better cope with the challenges arising from concurrently managing the diverse software configuration requirements of eEnabled and legacy fleets.

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