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Flatirons Solutions (Flatirons) is pleased to announce the move of its corporate headquarters from Irvine, California to Boulder, Colorado as part of an effort to grow capacity within its major operational centers. The move is the latest step in the consolidation of North American locations accumulated during past acquisitions.

The promise of hybrid-electric propulsion for regional transport Electric and hybrid electric technologies have taken years to reach maturity, but are finally making a significant impact in the automotive space. Disruptors like Tesla and innovation from automotive mainstays like Toyota, Nissan, and the Big 3 American manufacturers have proven the

Women Leadership in Flatirons Jouve: Janelle LaTour

Calendar March 29, 2018 | User Charles S. Cunningham

Janelle LaTour Discusses Her New Role as Fleet Program Director As mentioned in our latest blog article highlighting Lindsay Aiken, Flatirons Jouve is implementing several strategic changes aimed at increasing employee and customer satisfaction along with continually improving quality and performance. Flatirons Jouve works with complex organizations with complex needs.

The high cost of scattered technical information

Calendar March 27, 2018 | User Charles S. Cunningham

The high cost of scattered technical information What does an airframe manufacturer, a high-tech tooling company, and a maker of large earth-moving machines all have in common?  Each independently realized that having technical information dispersed across multiple maintenance platforms is the surest way to rob maintenance engineers of 30-40% of

CORENA Manufacturer

Boulder, CO – Flatirons Solutions®, part of the Flatirons JouveTM group of companies, is pleased to announce the latest release of its CORENA Manufacturer solution.  CORENA Manufacturer is used to create and revise the technical information needed to maintain and operate complex products, including aircraft, defense equipment, marine vessels

Women Leadership in Flatirons Jouve: Lindsay Aiken

Calendar March 22, 2018 | User Charles S. Cunningham

Welcoming Lindsay Aiken In Her New Role as Director of ivery In early 2017, Flatirons Jouve launched an initiative to increase the collaboration between our three engineering organizations (Research & Development, Operations, and the Customer Service Organization) and created a new quality group dedicated to continuously improving our ability to

The long-awaited mainstreaming of S1000D for civil aviation

Calendar March 13, 2018 | User Charles S. Cunningham

The long-awaited mainstreaming of S1000D for civil aviation The S1000D specification has taken a long time to see wide-scale adoption in commercial aviation.  Since its emergence in European defense in the 1990s, S1000D has had a slow build outside of military applications.   For than a decade, the adoption of

Flatirons Jouve Announces Contract Extension with Air Canada Irvine, California (USA) – Flatirons Jouve is proud to announce the extension of a multi-year agreement with Canada’s flag carrier, Air Canada. Since 2013, Air Canada has leveraged the CORENA Fleet Solution and CORENA Flight Ops module, developed by Flatirons Jouve,

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