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One of the benefits that S1000D provides to the community of technical documentation is the standardization of business process related metadata. Let’s lo at the quality assurance cycle for example. Each Data Module (DM) carries the information describing its quality assurance state, which is coded as part of the XML structure. Consequently, the technical

The Air and Aerospace MRO and Operations IT Conference descended on a new venue in Noordwijkerhout, near Amsterdam last week for what would be the tenth and largest instance of the European, Middle East, and African leg of the popular aerospace IT conference and exhibition. Emerging Technology was this year’s theme and the Flatirons

Absolutely Phabulous

Absolutely Phabulous

Calendar May 3, 2016 | User Paul Saunders | Tag

This post originally appeared in the Aircraft IT Operations eJournal May/June 2016 issue. I’ve occasionally spen about how science fiction has affected or should affect the future. For decades technologists have striven to miniaturize mobile technology; but a few years back a trend became apparent where mobile phones were getting bigger. Of course, the

Innovation Reverberates at MRO Americas

Calendar April 12, 2016 | User Paul Saunders

Last week’s MRO Americas event in Dallas saw a renewed focus from the aerospace MRO community on next generation technology and innovation. In previous years conference egates may have been forgiven for complaining about the same old demands for mobility and adoption of legacy technologies. However, this year the focus was firmly on the

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