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MRO Solution

CORENA eTaskcard

Flatirons helps your organization bring mobile, paperless work cards and technical operations content to 21st Century MRO organizations.

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A Software Suite for Your MRO Solution

CORENA eTaskcard is partnered with the CORENA Suite of Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) technology. These products work together as the most advanced OEM-independent solution for improved control of mobile maintenance, technical operations, and operating manual content publishing for MROs who oversee complex assets. These assets vary, including aircraft, marine vessels, railway rolling stock, their components, and more. Some of the world’s leading MROs depend on CORENA Suite solutions to meet their CLM challenges.

Support All Work Cards

Using CORENA eTaskcard helps mechanics/inspectors with support for types of work cards. Create non-routines on the spot via mobile devices, capture and attach photos using a tablet/mobile camera, and automatically add the new work scope to the evaluation queue with a single tool. This significantly reduces execution time of repairs and positively impacts rates of aircraft utilization. Also, integration to leading Multi-Spec platforms such as AMOS, Trax, MXi, and EmpowerMX guarantees that your existing investments are fully utilized and preserved.

Visualize Work Progress

With CORENA eTaskcard, managers are able to monitor visit progress with an unprecedented level of detail and perspective when work sign off is captured digitally, in near real-time. Dynamically create task assignments and adjustments to the overall schedule, with measurable productivity improvements over costly paper-based processes, as well as increasing utilization.

Eliminate Print Costs

We conducted a study on behalf of an aviation client, and found that a mid-sized operator using paper-based work cards (along with image capture and hardcopy storage – including a 17,000 sq.ft. warehouse) spent between $2.7 – $3M per year in incremental costs solely on paper. Digitizing your technical operations means big improvements in mechanic productivity, with the added bonus of back-office cost efficiency, including elimination of paper costs. Your organization will save a lot of trees, and be more green in more ways than one.

“This is awesome.”

-Client Aircraft Maintenance Technician, upon being shown a BETA version of the eTaskcard solution

The Benefit of Experience

Flatirons applies nearly 30 years of experience to provide comprehensive content lifecycle management solutions to the world’s top airlines, aerospace OEMs, energy, rail, marine, automotive, and defense organizations. Our clients can depend on the CORENA Suite of products to develop, compile, deliver, consume and optimize technical content for complex assets throughout their lifecycles.


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