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Insight Mobile

Leverage CORENA Insight Mobile to capture publication change requests (PCRs) from the field, deliver training assessments, support checklist or issue log data capture, or accelerate virtually any work process previously supported by legacy forms (either paper, PDF, or MS Word).

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CORENA Insight Mobile

CORENA Insight Mobile is built on the proven Business Process Management (BPM) platform used by CORENA Insight. CORENA Insight Mobile extends CORENA Insight by providing a rich environment to build and deploy interactive mobile applications without the need for programming. CORENA Insight Mobile provides an end-to-end solution that also includes workflow features to automate follow-on activities based on forms data captured in real-time, and reporting capabilities to analyze areas of improvement based on information gathered or provide process visibility on work associated with inbound requests.

CORENA Insight Mobile can be deployed in stand-alone form, integrated with third-party enterprise applications, or as part of CORENA Suite solutions like CORENA Fleet and CORENA Manufacturer.

Part of the CORENA Suite for Operators and OEMs

Together, CORENA Insight Mobile and the CORENA Suite of products are the most effective OEM-independent solution for organizations publishing interactive technical information and operations content for complex assets. We help organizations deliver and capture accurate, timely information to enable more efficient operations.  These are just a few reasons the world’s top transportation OEMs and operators leverage Flatiron’s CORENA Suite products today.

“PCRs require close cooperation across technical and business teams. CORENA Insight Mobile helps us capture PCRs more easily for more accurate manuals, and provides detailed visibility into the process for managers and executives.”

-Technical Publications Manager

Real-time Data Capture

Flexibility for on- and off-line forms to simplify processes like maintain and complete training checklists, pre-flight checklists, publication change requests, issue log event capture, and more.

Training Assessments Whenever, Wherever Needed

Take full advantage of your workforce’s mobility by allowing them to access required training on-demand, wherever and whenever they are available.

A More Agile Enterprise

Through mobile access to the latest Information as it is captured by your employees. This allows for a quicker response time to actionable events.

Get Started!

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