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CORENA Knowledge Center

Efficiently design and deliver content for your fleet technical information specifications using Flatirons' powerful Component Content Management System.

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Part of the CORENA Suite for Operators and OEMs

CORENA Knowledge Center CSDB is an important part of the CORENA Suite of content lifecycle management software. Our powerful collection of products combine to deliver the most successful OEM-independent content lifecycle management solution for modern OEM and Operator technical information. Flatirons’ CORENA Suite delivers unprecedented oversight of publishing processes for structured technical content relevant to your complex assets. Several of the globe’s leading OEMs and Fleet Operators are using CORENA Suite to manage technical content for their aircraft, components, marine vessels, railway rolling stock, and more.

Automated Importing

Reduce the complexity of the document importing process with CORENA Knowledge Center CSDB. Flatirons Fleet Solution delivers capable management of imported documents and revisions with the function to surpass the expectations of today’s Fleet Operators and OEMs. Our solution effectively carries support for technical information specifications of all kinds, including S1000D, iSpec 2200, and more. Knowledge Center’s functionality can also combine with CORENA Insight to automatically deliver new content and reconcile updates.

Powerful Publishing Tools

CORENA Knowledge Center focuses on the complex technical publishing challenges of various technical information standards for OEMs and Fleet Operators. Flatirons provides you with support for effectiveness and applicability-driven fleet and tail-specific publishing, full and incremental change package publishing, publishing to connected and disconnected mobile and desktop IETPs, physical media (DVDs), or external systems such as EFBs, ECMs, and more.

Driving Dynamic Content

Easily manage the complex relationships governing structured technical content with CORENA Knowledge Center. Simplify the assembly of your standard and custom publications, and improve processes for creating, revising and delivering technical content for your required formats and channels, on-demand.

“The ability to reconcile concurrent revisions quickly, assemble publications on-demand, and manage reusable component content in CORENA Knowledge Center is unparalleled.”

-Technical Writer

The Benefit of Experience

Flatirons brings over 25 years of experience aiding the globe’s leading airlines, aerospace OEMs, energy, rail, marine, automotive, and defense organizations to enhance technical content lifecycle management processes for their complex assets. CORENA Knowledge Center combines with the CORENA Suite products to deliver technical content for complex assets effectively and compliantly throughout their lifecycles.


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