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CORENA MRO Task Manager

Increase productivity and maximize aircraft utilization by taking your technical operations mobile

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Uncover the Benefits

Paperless Tech Ops means big savings, both in terms of print and ship costs associated with paper-based work cards. Your fleet will also realize the benefit of increased field productivity that comes from having AMTs instantly accessing the latest approved work cards digitally. Today’s mobile devices eliminate the need for costly, cumbersome and loss-prone paper artifacts.

Flatirons MRO Solution with eTaskcard gives your organization the products and service capabilities to completely satisfy your technical information management requirements in a single system. Our MRO Solution uses the CORENA Suite to manage the complete content lifecycle for technical manuals, engineering orders, task cards and more. Flatirons aims to cleanly and clearly apply our MRO Solution to meet the technical information needs of your entire organization: mechanics, technicians, flight crews, pilots, authors, learning developers and more.

Increased Productivity

The process of assembling, printing, signing, collecting, scanning, and storing paper-based work cards and associated documentation is one that costs the typical airline millions of dollars per year. Removing paper from the process and going digital helps mechanics and engineers in the field realize up to 10% higher rates of productivity. For airlines employing hundreds or even thousands of mechanics, the savings adds up quickly.

Lower Back-Office Costs

Assembling work cards that reflect proprietary best practices in maintenance and technical operations is often a highly laborious and time consuming task that doesn’t end when the work cards are complete. Every subsequent revision to related AMM, CMM, or EMM may trigger a work card change. Flatirons MRO Solution promotes back-office productivity improvements through proven processes for automated work cards using maintenance manual source content, speeding the incorporation of revisions through best practice workflows.

Enterprise Integration

Flatirons MRO Solution is designed to function in close cooperation with your organization’s current MRO or maintenance infrastructure. Our team has worked with leading MRO platforms such as AMOS, MXi, Trax, EmpowerMX, and others to provide flexible, cost-effective integrations that leverage MRO system of record details to dynamically assemble work packages, work cards, and maintenance documents on-demand.

MRO Products and Resources

The CORENA SuiteTM by Flatirons is the leading content lifecycle management (CLM) solution developed specifically for organizations that rely on mission-critical data to design, manufacture, operate, or maintain complex assets over their product and service lifecycles.

The components of CORENA Suite used as part of the Flatirons MRO Solution include:

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