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Create valid S1000D XML easily using Flatirons' powerful Authoring Environment for Aviation and Aerospace.

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Part of the CORENA Suite for Operators and OEMs

CORENA Studio works as a part of a comprehensive suite of Content Lifecycle Management (CLM) products that combine to form the most powerful OEM-independent CLM solution available. Increase productivity and streamline processes for publishing mobile maintenance, technical operations, or operating manual content for complex assets such as aircraft and their components, marine vessels, and railway rolling stock. CORENA Suite solutions have been adopted by some of the world’s leading OEMs and operators.

Increase Productivity

Through seamless integration with the CORENA Knowledge Center repository, CORENA Studio allows authors to browse, search, and link to managed content without leaving their primary authoring environment for higher productivity levels and improved content reuse.

Guided IETM Authoring

CORENA Studio has unique functionality and guided authoring features enable / disable based on the document type (schema or DTD) being authored. Author productivity, particularly for newer specifications like S1000D, rises thanks to features for creating maintenance, tech ops, and flight ops content that loads dynamically as the document is being opened.

WYSIWYG Simplicity

Most XML authoring products on the market today require technical authors to become experts in-word-by-word, line-by-line tagging and editing. CORENA Studio offers simplified user interfaces, content reuse search functionality and pre-configured content elements to reduce time and cost of XML authoring and support mission-critical data, improving top-line revenue and bottom-line profits.

“CORENA Studio helps me and my team create content that is more effective in communicating complex information. Tools for automating tedious actions for different manual and doc types are a huge time-saver.”

-Technical Publications Manager

The Benefit of Experience

For more than 25 years, the world’s leading airlines, aerospace manufacturers, energy companies, rail, marine, automotive, and defense organizations have relied on our CORENA Suite of products to create, deliver, consume and optimize large volumes of technical information throughout its lifecycle.


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