Driving Customer Service Through Optimized Content

Apr 23, 2024 | Flatirons Manufacturers Edition

Engine Manufacturers are taking advantage of structured content to drive intelligent content to their customers. As an Engine Manufacturer, it is no longer just important to deliver content to your end users in a timely manner but also how your end users can utilize that content to drive efficiencies and optimize the IT ecosystems used by your end-user customer base. Having solutions to modernize that content can set you apart from your competitors and drive higher customer satisfaction scoring.

The Challenge

In the highly competitive engine manufacturing world, setting yourself apart from your competitors is an ever-changing landscape. Customer service is one of the key drivers to defining your organization as a premium brand in the engine manufacturer market. The technical content created is no longer a static PDF for users to read but has become an essential part of the aviation IT ecosystem.

The Solution

Utilizing a structured content management solution is vital for authoring rich content and having a distribution mechanism tailored to optimize that content from a customer consumption standpoint. Enabling end users to take advantage of the structured data enhances their ability to access and view the right content and execute on that content.

Whether the content is executed by your MROs or through independent third-party MROs, it allows those MROs to drive efficiency throughout their activities. Having a solution that creates and distributes structured content and can integrate through APIs with the rest of the IT ecosystem can drive huge gains in productivity for those MROs.

Some key benefits to consider as you look to implement a structured content management solution that can drive your customer service KPIs by driving efficiency to your end user customers and MRO shops include the following:

  • Ability to digest any data format and optimize the management of those data revision
  • Avoidance of duplication of data through multiple workshops
  • Centralization of the engineering process that leverages individual workshop strength
  • Management of the approval process (internal and external) of data enrichment
  • Continuous view of progress on the Work Scope
  • Integration with other parts of your ecosystem to provide continuous updates

Do More with Flatirons

Some of the world’s largest engine manufacturers and MROs utilize Flatirons Solutions to create content, manage revisions, and execute tasks and job cards. Shouldn’t you? Contact us to learn more about the Flatirons platform or for more detailed product descriptions, visit our Resource Center to download our datasheets.

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