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Fall Airline Conference

Calendar October 20, 2016 | User Anna Rice

Another Fall Airline Conference, the user workshop we host for our Fleet Customers, has come and gone; and here at Flatirons, we’re reminiscing on what we learned and the fun we had. The conference always shines light on new topics from our users and provides insight into what’s core to their operations.

One of the highlights from this year was the demo of Insight 7 with Lauren Ward. Insight 7 is an innovative workflow solution tailor-made for modern organizations. We saw first hand the elegant and intuitive user-interface. Equally exciting was the demo Julien Sauget gave on ‘Managing CMMs with CORENA Suite.’ This demo elicited a lot of interest and showed CMM management in detail with CORENA Suite.

The customer caucus session is always interesting for the Flatirons team; we learn much about our customers when allowed to confer with each other in a closed-door atmosphere. Furthermore, this strengthens one of the most important aspects of our user workshops, the opportunity for our customers to build a community among themselves and create a network of resources.

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