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Paperless Aviation Maintenance Solutions Webinar

Calendar May 25, 2016 | Tag ,

Flatirons Solutions will be hosting a webinar featuring a software demonstration of their industry leading paperless products: CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile.

Date: 2nd June 2016

Time: Session 1 – 0630 UTC; Session 2: 1430 UTC

Registration: Free registration via the Aircraft IT website

During the Webinar you will see how engineers can have immediate access to key up-to-date manuals, technical publications and work cards at their fingertips, with NextGen search functionality, and quicker spare parts lookup and ordering; also how the solution seamlessly links to other company systems, such as the M&E / MRO solution, to generate automatic work packages, or an Engine Health Monitoring system for a truly paperless maintenance.  You will see how all content for engineers is easily centrally managed, can be efficiently updated whatever the original source or document / manual type and is fully regulatory compliant.

A study by Boeing (since validated by Flatirons customers in three different large-asset industries) finds that the typical aircraft technician spends 30-40% of their working time locating the technical information needed to do their assigned work, or completing paperwork after the job.  This number is shockingly high, and provides a basis for cost optimization that brings a return on investment (ROI) in the millions of dollars per year for airlines operating fleets as small as 100 tails, and tens of millions per year for larger airlines.

Using live software demonstrations, the Flatirons Solutions experts will show how their solutions are assisting customers to recapture as much of that 40% non-productive time as possible and thereby hugely increase efficiency.  The Webinar software demonstrations will be two sections:

  • Demo 1: Mobile Engineer Demo with Search Functionality: Using CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile solutions you will see Engineers can access all their key aircraft, engine and component manuals, and key documents from a single interface on all devices, online and offline, whatever the aircraft type or document format.  The NextGen search functionality will show you how Engineers can quickly and easily find their maintenance documents, work cards, or other technical information.
  • Demo 2: System Integration & Generating Automatic Work Packages: Next you will see how integrating CORENA Pinpoint with existing company M&E / MRO solutions can facilitate automated work packages (based on AHM codes, MRP/ERP inputs, or other external drivers), find and order spare parts quickly and easily and generate other labor saving improvements.

Webinar Agenda:

  • An overview Flatirons Solutions
    – How Flatirons strives to turn content into knowledge
  • A live Demonstration of CORENA Pinpoint and CORENA Pinpoint Mobile
    – How any format content can be delivered to any tablet, anywhere.
    – How Engineers can quickly and easily find their key maintenance documents
  • CORENA Pinpoint IETP System Integration and Automatic Work Packages
    – How to generate automated work packaging and find and order spare parts
  • Questions & Answers

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