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CORENA Suite Release Accelerates Innovation for Civil Aviation, Defense, Rail, and Marine OEMs and Operators

Calendar May 6, 2016 | Tag , , ,

Flatirons Solutions® ( announced today the latest release of its CORENA SuiteTM  software, an integrated set of products designed to optimize the creation, management, and delivery of maintenance technical information for large asset manufacturers and operators worldwide.   CORENA Suite products provide program- and OEM-independent content lifecycle management (CLM) capabilities and form the basis of the Flatirons Fleet Solution and Flatirons Multi-Spec Solution, which have been adopted by leading large asset operators and manufacturers.  CORENA Suite is used in aviation, defense, maritime, and rail environments.

With the latest CORENA Suite product release, users of the Flatirons Fleet Solution and Flatirons Multi-Spec Solution will receive access to significant upgrades, including:

  • CORENA Studio support for Airbus A350 and S1000D issue 4.2: The CORENA Studio XML authoring environment has been enhanced to include schema support for both S1000D issue 4.2 and Airbus A350 airframes.  These improvements make the world’s best authoring environment for aviation and defense content an even better choice for large asset OEM and Operator tech pubs teams working with multiple vendors, specifications, and delivery requirements.
  • All New CORENA Pinpoint 7: A completely re-architected version of our trusted interactive electronic technical publication (IETP) content viewer, CORENA Pinpoint, is part of this important release.  This is the 7th generation of CORENA Pinpoint, and brings a more platform- and device-independent architecture, improved search and navigation features, concurrent support for both S1000D and iSpec 2200 content, and major performance improvements aimed supporting at low bandwidth or disconnected work environments.
  • CORENA Knowledge Center Enhancements: This release brings a host of usability improvements aimed at making authors and editors more productive, including performance improvements for PDF publishing and preview, tighter integration of CORENA Knowledge Center with the CORENA Studio authoring environment, and enhancements that improve management of Work In Progress (WIP) files, ease metadata management, and simplify data module navigation.
  • Release of “Builders” for display of externally managed content: As part the CORENA Pinpoint vision of displaying “any content, from any back-end system, on any device,” this release of the all-new CORENA Pinpoint 7 viewer includes the debut of the “Builder” framework, which allows for lightweight integration and capture of content published by non-CORENA Suite platforms.  Using the configurable Builder, customers of CORENA Pinpoint 7 can more easily provide single-system access to all technical information, wherever that information is managed.
  • Enhanced support for CMMs, and unstructured PDF content: The Spring 2016 release includes enhancements to CORENA Suite Knowledge Center versions to manage Component Maintenance Manuals (CMMs) alongside airframe and engine manuals, and leverage / reuse unstructured PDF documents seamlessly in conjunction with structured XML content.

“As the first of three CORENA Suite deliveries planned for 2016, we were gratified to get strong positive feedback from customers at our user conference a couple of weeks ago. This release further strengthens what is already the most capable CLM solution available for large asset OEMs and Operators,” remarked Flatirons’ Chief Solutions Officer, JD Sillion.   “With adopters that include many of the largest names in aviation, defense, shipping, and rail we are expected to out-innovate our competitors.  With growing support for new specs, fleets, and content types, this CORENA Suite release does exactly that.”

Two additional releases planned for later in the year will further extend CORENA Suite’s support of new generation aircraft fleets, engines, and components, as well as introduce a broad set of paperless eTaskcard maintenance capabilities that include digital signoff and support for non-routine work cards.  Through a research and development focus and 20 years of steady innovation, CORENA Suite solutions have grown to become the de facto standard for large asset operators seeking OEM independence, and manufacturers seeking single system coverage of their technical publishing needs across both legacy programs and new generation programs like the 787 and A350 that utilize the S1000D specification.

About Flatirons

Flatirons Solutions ( provides content lifecycle management solutions to global Fortune 1000 customers in aerospace, automotive, electronics, financial services, government, healthcare, and publishing. For more than 20 years, it has helped organizations efficiently deliver the right information, at the right time, to the right people by leveraging structured content and digital media—Turning Content into Knowledge®. Flatirons operates from offices in Asia, Europe, and the United States and is headquartered in Irvine, California.

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