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Data Visualization [Dataviz] “every which way”

Calendar December 16, 2014

Companies today are faced with exponential growth in their data. An extraordinary resource for understanding company strategy, scientific discoveries, marketing strategy or financial planning, data visualization will revolutionize how data is exploited and will offer easy and efficient access to the information that is embedded in the mass of data that is produced.
In the era where Big Data, Open Data, and BI “business intelligence”, decision support tools (CRM) are growing ever more focused, dataviz allows you to bring democracy to information access and to clearly deliver your key messages.

Dataviz, defined!
Data Visualization is a user-centric technique for using digital data visually and interactively. It allows you to read, understand, decide and interpret unambiguously, the meanings of the graphics, illustrations, videos or even animated presentations.

Dataviz in detail!
Dataviz means multiple methodologies, multiple experts from different sectors, multiple technical solutions, but above all multiple contexts for each job role.
Techniques such as cognitive psychology, storytelling or even emotional design are obviously necessary to guarantee that users fully understand and buy in.

It is therefore necessary to understand the end users’ jobs, their context, and above all what will they use dataviz to achieve? Whichever business sector is involved, the target user has to be able to interpret and understand dataviz, which also has to be relevant and flexible.

There are three main categories of data visualization.

  • So-called “fixed” dataviz, in other words looking at motionless infographics, represent the target data (illustrations, typography effects or even photographs, “photoviz”). This category has the advantage of being perfectly suited for use on social networks, with strong viral potential whether through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, FlickR, etc.


  • “Animated” dataviz, such as scenarios and storytelling, can be based on videos which also hijack animation codes to deliver information. These are particularly well suited to a younger public and have optimum viral potential across a huge user base. What better way than a video to tell a story in a few seconds, and in a way that you learn from…


  • So-called “interactive” dataviz offers the possibility for the user to “play” with it and allows an informed decision. So, if your aim is to make a decision, you would be more likely to use a so-called “interactive” dataviz, allowing you to display a significant amount of information and offering a certain level of detail of figures or nuances.

Why dataviz?

For several reasons:

  • The substantial viral potential, allowing a brand to gain notoriety and an audience, especially on social networks.
  • The possibility of manipulating a huge volume of data to uncover strong and unsuspected trends.
  • The discovery of correlations between data which even recently would have been impossible.
  • Faster understanding to improve efficient decision-making.
  • Better information sharing by enabling access to data and promoting collaborative working.
  • Improving productivity, as dataviz allows data to be assimilated more rapidly.
  • “A good sketch is worth more than a long speech,” knowing that information delivered in image format will reach the brain 6 times faster than text.
  • Deal with problems of concentration when looking up information on screens (all types of media): on average, 10 seconds for unchanged content, and is falling each year.

Dataviz and beyond!

In the future, dataviz will be the solution for democratic access to and understanding and using personal/private or professional data.

At a time when almost all human activity can be tracked (GPS, smartphone, online devices, behavioral analysis, etc.), dashboards are undergoing a profound, user-centric change. It is a good bet that this change will spread into the private domain.

About Jouve:Jouve, a digital services company, is a specialist in acquiring, optimizing, and distributing information. As an expert in new technologies and digital usage trends, Jouve helps customers develop flexible strategies to gain the competitive edge in the digital market. Jouve offers a unique range of services, including consulting, designing and showcasing rich multimedia content, e-book production, document workflow digitalization, IT solutions, secure business process outsourcing, multi-channel distribution and supply chain optimization for print products.

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