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Jouve Digital Publishing, a single application that enables reading and distribution of enriched digital books in EPUB3 format.

Calendar August 4, 2015

Paris, August 4, 2015Jouve, a digital services company, has launched Jouve Digital Publishing, a new solution for distributing and reading digital books. It consists of a platform for publication management and distribution, and a reading application for EPUB3; thus, Jouve Digital Publishing makes it possible for all readers to access updated enriched content.

Publishers, businesses, and government bodies have a growing need to easily distribute digital and interactive publications directly to consumer tablets and smartphones.As an alternative to existing retail outlets, Jouve Digital Publishing removes the barriers for direct-to-consumer distribution and is the perfect response to new business challenges.

Consisting of a platform for publication management and distribution (available in SaaS or license mode), and a reading application compatible with all readers and operating systems, Jouve Digital Publishing is a white label solution available on iOS, Android, and from Windows 8.

Jouve Digital Publishing is a customizable application with high interoperability and is based on Readium, the open source rendering engine launched by the International Digital Publishing Forum.

As members of Readium, Jouve experts have integrated the reader software and expanded its functionality, making it possible toguarantee optimized digital book reproduction, regardless of whether the OS distribution platform is Android, iOS, or Windows.

Among the features it offers are:

  • Audio, text, and bookmark annotation management
  • Advanced full-text search, with highlighted results
  • Advanced navigation (text summaries, images, and direct access to resources)
  • Content protection through data encryption

The solution’s HTML5 format, linked to CSS3 and JavaScript standards, enables it to effectively manage the distribution of rich and interactive publications.

In addition, Jouve Digital Publishing can interface with any third-party editorial system application, subscription management solution, or merchant website.

“The Editis Group wanted to have an EPUB3 reader that would display enriched ebooks, particularly for education and youth publications. We wanted to customize and augment the reader with functions that are indispensable to classroom use. Moreover, we sought an alternative to the principal readers on the market, which are only partially compliant with the EPUB3 standard, as we wanted to be able to distribute our enriched EPUB3 books on all operating systems. We chose Jouve Digital Publishing because of the fact that this solution is based on the Readium engine and ensures that it will be long-lasting and strictly compliant with the EPUB3 standard. The Jouve solution also enables us to customize our application and manage our distribution; for example, by offering subscriptions. We were able to integrate the solution into our technical distribution platform without any problems, and we will have some robust, easy-to-use tools ready for the start of the academic year; this means that our customers will be able toview their enriched ebooks on all types of devices.” Sylvain Fayol, Director of Marketing and Innovation, Editis Group


“Jouve Digital Publishing will make it possible for all our customers to control the distribution of their publications, distribute the content securely, and then easily update it when required.” Arnaud Cordelier, Director of Jouve’s Editorial Services Product Unit

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