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Jouve Editorial Services is stepping up its digital products strategy

Calendar March 15, 2015

Paris, March 2, 2015 – Digital services company Jouve announces the creation of an Editorial Services division. Arnaud Cordelier will head up this unit and will be in charge of sales of a whole suite of software from Jouve Editorial Services, in France and internationally.
The creation of the unit and this appointment are a part of the strategic development of Jouve Editorial Services and their drive to offer professional platforms in either SaaS or integrated mode.

In the last few years, Jouve has initiated many investments to develop industrial platforms for the creation, production and distribution of digital products.Together with our range of services, the sales of our professional platforms will enable us to provide custom solutions that meet our clients’ new needs,says Benoit Drigny, Director of Editorial Services in the Jouve Group.

As part of his new role, Arnaud Cordelier will be managing a team of 30 experts and will be collaborating with the horizontal services and the 250 engineers within the Group.

Arnaud Cordelier will be responsible for consolidating the digital product ranges owned by Jouve Editorial Services and for selling them on Jouve’s markets in France and internationally.

Jouve Editorial Services now offers four platforms:

  • Jouve Edit:a complete solution that improves the management of the review cycle of a manuscript and the collaboration between authors and editorial teams,
  • Jouve Studio:a professional and collaborative platform for both paper and digital typesetting, using market standard formats and tools (InDesign, EPUB 3),
  • Jouve Translation: a “hub” that includes machine translation technology for more than 30 languages and productivity tuned interfaces.
  • Jouve Digital Publishing: an innovative platform for the unrestricted distribution of your digital and interactive publications on PCs, tablets and iOS and Android smartphones.

These performant solutions that are valued by our customers have so far been provided as services are now available to our customers in either SaaS or integrated mode. The development of distribution partner networks is also speeding up our international deployment“, explains Arnaud Cordelier, Director of the Editorial Services Product Unit at Jouve.

Arnaud Cordelier joined the Jouve Group in 2010 as Director of Editorial Services in France. He has more than 17 years’ experience, including 8 in sales management in France and overseas in the field of IT systems and software publishing.
Arnaud Cordelier, aged 42, is a graduate of ISG and École Centrale Paris.

About Jouve:Jouve, a digital services company, is a specialist in acquiring, optimizing, and distributing information. As an expert in new technologies and digital usage trends, Jouve helps customers develop flexible strategies to gain the competitive edge in the digital market. Jouve offers a unique range of services, consulting, design and sales of enriched and multimedia content, leader in the production of e-books, dematerialization of document flows, IT solutions, secure outsourcing of specialized tasks, multichannel distribution and optimization of supply chains for printed matter.

Christèle Blay
– Corporate Communications Manager, Jouve Group

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