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The Jouve Group offers direct online eBook conversion for Apple’s iBookstore

Calendar July 12, 2010

As the global leader in digital eBook conversion, Jouve has developed an innovative online client platform for Apple’s iBookstore, making its industrial conversion solutions available to publishers of all sizes.

A high-performance digital conversion process that’s personalized and 100% compliant with Apple specifications.

Jouve now offers publishers an easy way to directly convert their catalog to standard or enhanced eBooks for the iBookstore. The iBookstore is included with the free iBooks app available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.
This simple solution fits the digital needs of all types of publishers, with production costs starting from just $19.99 per book.

Whatever the format (image or print PDF, epub, XML) or the complexity of the job, Jouve ensures the highest quality production from its site in France. And a multilingual project team guarantees personal service every step of the way.

An industrial platform that can produce high-quality and highly accurate conversions.

The production cost for each title is quoted upfront, and publishers can pay online to start the conversion process immediately.
The global leader in eBook conversion, the Jouve Group uses the most sophisticated digital book production processes to create a unique conversion solution for all project sizes

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