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Lufthansa Technik Simplifies Complex Software Configuration Management for Airlines

Calendar June 17, 2014

Joins Speaker Lineup for MRO & Operations IT Conference EMEA

Imagine that you were required to know which operating system and applications were installed on your mobile phone. Add to that the requirement of knowing each version of all software packages and if they were certified to work with each piece of hardware.

Lufthansa TechnikFor a phone with one operating system with limited version upgrades and one static chipset, you could probably get away accomplishing this on a spreadsheet.

In the airline industry, software configuration management is multiplied by 25 avionics and computer systems per aircraft, multiple software configurations per system, thousands of positional pieces of hardware multiplied by the number of physical aircraft in an operator’s fleet. Add to this the complexities of serving a large number of third-party operators like Lufthansa Technik, and the challenge of managing software configuration for an airline MRO network quickly becomes a daunting challenge.

Lufthansa Technik took control of software configuration management by working with Flatirons to develop the eEnabled Software Management (eESM) configuration system. Timo Storm of Flatirons will present a case study on Lufthansa Technik’s eESM system at the MRO & Operations IT EMEA Conference on June 25, 2014, to share how the solution developed with Flatirons helped Lufthansa Technik:

  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Enhance security and quality
  • Improve systems reliability
  • Ensure 100% regulatory compliance
  • Deliver a return on investment within one year

Mobile Flight Operations Solution Presented in EFB Vendor Showcase

Wayne Enis, director of Sales Engineering for Flatirons, also will present Flatirons’ mobile flight operations solution during the EFB Vendor Showcase on June 25. He’ll show how the tablet-based, interactive electronic technical publication / manual (IETP / IETM) for Android, iOS, or Windows devices gives airlines and pilots:

  • User management (account creation and setup, permissions, group assignments)
  • Content and document incremental distribution and control to tablets based on users’ profiles
  • System audits and compliance reports
  • Tracking and auditing of users’ consumption with content
  • A dashboard to minimize administrative tasks
  • Automatic warnings of non-compliance based on custom business rules
  • User-specific configurations, annotations, bookmarks, highlights, notes, and feedback messages

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