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Modern Aircraft and Big Data: Drinking from the Fire Hose without Getting Drenched

Calendar March 9, 2015

Paul Saunders, Solutions Manager at Flatirons Solutions, delivers a keynote presentation at the 2015 MRO & Operations IT Americas Conference titled, “Modern Aircraft and Big Data: Drinking from the Fire Hose – How Airlines, Operators, and MROs Can Best Use This Stream of Sophisticated Information.”

Paul SaundersThe presentation takes place Tuesday, March 24, 2015, at 10 a.m. at the Hyatt Regency in Miami, Florida.

In his keynote, Saunders will address:

  • How modern aircraft sit at the centre of a complex ecosystem of hardware, software, content, and data
  • How the stream of information is becoming increasingly more sophisticated, with greater volume, greater criticality, and more stakeholders taking a keener interest
  • How technology trends such as mobility, wearable technology, and the Internet of Things are driving efficiencies and safety while adding complexity and volume to the flow of information
  • How airline mergers, global MRO networks, and the constraints of mixed and legacy fleets are creating more information management challenges
  • How operators and MROs can make sense of the flow of information
  • And what technologists can do to prevent those wishing to drink from the fire hose from getting drenched

Flatirons is pleased to serve as the lead sponsor for the MRO & Operations IT Conference Americas, bringing innovative solutions to today’s challenges in aircraft maintenance and flight operations. Participants are invited to visit the Flatirons booth (#E21) at the event to learn about its CORENA Suite of solutions for aerospace and aviation.

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