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CORENA Manufacturer Now Supports S1000D 4.2 and ATA S1000DBR Component Maintenance Publications

Calendar May 16, 2018

BOULDER – Flatirons Solutions® is proud to announce that the latest release of its CORENA Manufacturer solution now provides comprehensive support for the emerging standard for component-level technical documentation for the civil aerospace industry, S1000D issue 4.2 and ATA S1000DBR Component Maintenance Publications (CMPs).

CORENA Manufacturer is a software solution used by aviation and defense Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to provide technical information for the maintenance and operation of their complex products.  Content produced by aerospace OEMs must be compliant with industry standards like S1000D to ensure portability among program partners, including airframe, engine, and component manufacturers.  S1000D content is also beneficial for end-customers, providing content that is more flexible and interactive than previous industry standards.

Unlike competing OEM-independent solutions which provide partial or no S1000D issue 4.2 and ATA S1000DBR CMP support, CORENA Manufacturer delivers comprehensive functionality.  The software provides end-to-end content authoring, business rule exchange (BREX) support, output styling, and distribution via the CORENA Pinpoint Interactive Electronic Technical Publication (IETP) or third-party IETPs.  For OEMs who don’t require a software solution, Flatirons also provides managed S1000D authoring services that are informed by our presence in some of the world’s largest OEMs and airlines.

For OEMs, the broad functional coverage provided by CORENA Manufacturer means compliance with diverse civilian and defense programs, including the Airbus A350TM and Boeing 777XTM.  By allowing OEMs to support multiple S1000D issues or even legacy specifications from a single system, CORENA Manufacturer lowers the cost of program participation and provides an improved product experience for customers.

“CORENA Manufacturer continues to grow to meet the evolving needs of our industry,” noted Solution Business Owner Toralf Johannessen.  He further stated that “the solution is the most advanced offer available for OEMs looking to make technical content a source of competitive differentiation.”

Flatirons Solutions has a long history of engagement with the S1000D community, including chairing or participating in ATA standards committees that have shaped the development of the CMP.  For more details on the CORENA Manufacturer solution, visit the Flatirons website at

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