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How do today’s technologies (social, mobile and cloud), together with crowd-sourcing, create new products and services?

Calendar September 17, 2012

Paris, the 18 September 2012

The ‘April in Paris’ global digital summit was organized for the second year running on Friday April 13th 2012 in Paris by the Jouve Group in partnership with CIGREF, and brought together 150 leaders and world renowned figures. Several round tables were organized during this day in order to allow them to share their experiences regarding new business strategies for a digital world.

Open Innovation and growth


According to Simon Schneider,General Manager, Grand Challenges & Head of EMEA, Innocentive, and founder of a number of startups including Omnicompete, large scale open innovation and Crowd-sourcing based on new technologies bringing together social, mobile and cloud, can create an explosive cocktail!
Nowadays businesses are evolving in a totally new landscape, mixing technology and content creation in a constant flux. Social media has organized and these symbiotic communities are taking control bit by bit. We live in a world in which Facebook and Twitter have the power of major countries. In April 2012, the number of active members on Facebook passed 900 million, with 80% of them located outside of North America (USA + Canada). After China and India, Facebook is now the third largest country in the world in terms of population. In this context, open innovation knows no boundaries and applies to every sector of the economy, from agriculture to luxury goods.

Simon Schneider has ‘6 golden rules’ to successfully lead an open innovation project:

  1. Lead your open innovation project step by step.
  2. Work openly and transparently.
  3. Protect your Intellectual Property.
  4. Define your ROI at the beginning.
  5. Communicate! The world needs to know. “If you want to lead a large scale open innovation project, you have to bring together people with a wide range of backgrounds and skills on your platform.”
  6. Once your platform is up, create a balanced ecosystem with clear rules.

Watch Simon Schneider’s complete presentation
Bruno Ménard, Vice-President of CIGREF and CIO of Sanofi, one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, began by exploring how businesses need to begin to respond to market changes by building audiences online and attracting the interest of the crowd: “innovation needs to be open, and relies on well-organized networks. If you create a platform with specific services, bringing together both service providers and experts in a given field, your business can gain from these additional skills in both the medium and long term. In this way you can create a stable ecosystem that can add real value to your business.”
He highlighted the importance of the methodological approach a business needs to put in place in order to respond rapidly and efficiently to market needs. For Menard, one of the keys is diversification: “first and foremost, businesses need to create useful platforms and networks. Then, by working in a constant dialogue with both the consumer and service providers, they can bring them onto the platform. This allows you to provide additional services and products which add revenue and help to grow your business“.
It’s also clear that businesses have to go fully digital – “if you want to be innovative, if you want to be competitive and gain market share on a global basis, you need to leverage everything you can in digital”, he explained. He also touched upon the organizational issues, noting that “it’s also a way to manage the people in the organization differently”.

This concept of management was also picked up by Simon Schneider, who had more advice for those looking to commit to crowd-sourcing solutions, most notably not to try to do things by half. He urged participants to “engage the crowd in small steps, but be open and transparent. My biggest advice to everybody is – do not think that you can get away with ‘mini’ open innovation or half open innovation – it needs to be open all the way“.

All of the speakers stressed the importance of protecting intellectual property as a driver for innovation today and tomorrow. Measures need to be taken so that new products, services and solutions which take time and effort to develop, are able to prosper.

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