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Webinar: Tired of spending most of your IT budget on legacy applications?

Calendar May 6, 2015

Application Retirement for InfoArchive solves the pain of aviation IT bloat!

Did you know that most medium to large companies in regulated industries like aviation spend almost 3/4 of their available IT budgets on legacy applications and infrastructure?

Simply put, the liability cost of shutting down a redundant or obsolete application is seen as being higher than the cost to maintain it – even if the information is seldom or never accessed. Tired of seeing your team’s ability to innovate on the IT front constrained by legacy systems that aren’t delivering value?

As part of this informative webinar which is mainly targeting aviation and aerospace organizations, Flatirons Solutions will highlight the compelling benefits of Application Retirement for InfoArchive, a solution offered in partnership with EMC Corporation for companies facing the business imperatives found in aviation, which include:

  • Optimization following mergers or re-orgs
    By allowing duplicative or underperforming applications to be retired or actively archived cost effectively using XML for ongoing access via a single, unified web front-end.
  • Compliant application retirement
    Designed with compliance in mind, for the archive of complex applications such as MRO, ERP, Flight Ops, crew rostering, Finance systems, Quality and safety management for quick and easy long-term access.
  • More powerful business intelligence
    Data from multiple departments, business functions, and sources is combined in ways that were not possible until InfoArchive, with unified reporting across RDBMS, XML, and unstructured content sources for new insight.
  • Elimination of paper and more flexible data acquisition
    Solutions that make the efficient capture and storage of digital and image-based records to minimize the need for print.

Presenting this webinar are Paul Saunders, an aviation industry expert on mobility IT innovation and Solution Director focused on Flatirons’ Engineering Services and Training solutions, and Andrew Bates, an expert on enterprise content technology and digital asset management, and Solution Director for the InfoArchive, Documentum Services, and Digital MediaSuite solutions.

Webinar Details

 Date: Thursday, May 21, 2015
 Session 1: 06:30 UTC/GMT [10:30 Dubai | 12:00 India | 14:30 Singapore | 15:30 Tokyo | 16:30 Sydney]
 Session 2: 14:30 UTC/GMT [09:30 CDT & 10:30 EDT (USA) | 15:30 London | 16:30 Paris]

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