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Data Sheet

CORENA Insight Mobile

Download our data sheet to learn how you can leverage CORENA Insight Mobile to capture publication change requests (PCRs) from the field, deliver training assessments, support checklist or issue log data capture, or accelerate virtually any work process previously supported by legacy forms (either paper, PDF, or MS Word).

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CORENA Insight

CORENA Insight Mobile is built on the proven Business Process Management (BPM) platform used by CORENA Insight. CORENA Insight Mobile extends CORENA Insight by providing a rich environment to build and deploy interactive mobile applications without the need for programming. CORENA Insight Mobile provides an end-to-end solution that also includes workflow features to automate follow-on activities based on forms data captured in real-time, and reporting capabilities to analyze areas of improvement based on information gathered or provide process visibility on work associated with inbound requests.

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