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Data Sheet

CORENA Managed Content Services

Learn how Flatirons Solutions team of experienced engineers, authors, and illustrators can help your organization meet the challenge of new products, programs, or processes.  We bring the people, skills, and tools to augment your tech pubs capabilities, and help your team to succeed.

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Flatirons Managed Services

Flatirons Solutions provides managed technical authoring, engineering, and illustration services to some of the world’s largest aviation OEMs and Operators, as well as high-tech manufacturers.


Flatirons Managed Services


Fixed price commitment, firm Service Level Agreements

Aligned to Business

Best practice workflow solutions to guide production and local presence

Enable Analytics

Real time progress dashboards, with historical reports to drive improvement

Elastic, On-Demand

Our services scale up or down with your business's needs

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Start improving your Tech Pubs now by getting more information about Flatirons Solutions Managed Content Services. Send us your request and we’ll get back to you shortly. We’d love to hear from you!

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