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Data Sheet

eEnabled Software Management (eESM)

Learn how eESM provides MROs and Operators with improved automation and accuracy in tracking the software configuration of eEnabled aircraft components.

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eEnabled Software Management (eESM)

eESM was designed in cooperation between the aircraft system engineering of Lufthansa Technik AG and Flatirons Solutions. It is part of Lufthansa Technik’s innovative eEnabled Software Management solution also encompassing the certified PDL-Adapter plate and portable data loaders provided by TechSAT.


Free Up IT Budget

Migrate data to a single platform and turn off costly legacy applications.

Simplify Compliance

Manage your software configurations as diligently as changes to asset hardware.

Enable Analytics

Drive real-time reporting, and updates based on work card completion.

Simplify Updates

Simplify and automate software updates to eEnabled components and devices.
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