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Project Brief: Personalized Publishing Portal for Every Customer

XML Structured Content for Effective Authoring, Editing, & Delivery

The project transformed this firm’s ability to scale and grow by leveraging an electronic XML content repository and a web portal for customer access.

Publishing Portal Personalized for Every Customer

Company Profile

Provides public safety agencies with a standardized model for creation/maintenance of policies and training materials; allows law enforcement agencies to manage their risk of liability, while improving their ability to serve their communities.

The Problem

  • Inefficient, non-scalable document maintenance processes using MS Word
  • Manual processes reliant on e-mail and s-mail
  • Lack of effective training offering
  • Inability to grow the business with reasonable cost

The Solution

  • Implement Documentum XML content repository
  • Integrate the Arbortext XML authoring tool with customizations into the repository
  • Architect reusable XML chunks grouped with virtual documents and links
  • Establish custom web interface for agencies to edit custom manuals
  • Provide daily Training Bulletins for agency users

The Benefit

Delivered electronic document review and archiving solution.


Support your existing enterprise applications and retire legacy programs.


Synchronize your content revision and reconciliation with single system.


Improve compliance and decision support for your technical operations.


Systematically reduce costs, improve productivity and increase compliance.

“XML powered publishing helps us personalize our message to individuals”

– Client Testimonial

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