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Project Brief: Single-Source, Multi-Channel Hardware Manuals

Single Sourced Systems for Efficient Content Authoring & Publishing

This global high-tech company needed to provide user-accessible, on-line product documentation system for customers, partners, and employees.

Single-Source, Multi-Channel Hardware Manuals

Company Profile

Multi-billion dollar high-technology software and hardware company that provides information services solutions to its customers.

The Problem

  • Need to publish precise, customized information on demand.
  • Eliminate irrelevant material
  • Inefficient authoring environment (redundant authoring of common information, cut and paste, long approval cycles)
  • Eliminate parallel documentation efforts caused by multiple systems, each targeting an output format

The Solution

  • Provide requirements specification and design for the implementation of an XML-based publishing solution
  • Single-source content with multiple output channels
  • Automate the review and approval process

The Benefit

Elimination of publishing silos. Dynamic creation and delivery of content.


Support your existing enterprise applications and retire legacy programs.


Synchronize your content revision and reconciliation with single system.


Improve compliance and decision support for your technical operations.


Systematically reduce costs, improve productivity and increase compliance.

“Flatirons streamlined content creation and delivery processes for our team, and helped us generate more accurate manuals on the fly.”

– Client Tech Pubs Manager

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