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White Paper: Technical Information as an ROI Engine for Modern Airlines

Transforming tech pubs from a cost of doing business to a competitive differentiator driving improved efficiencies and value

Technical Information as an ROI Engine for Modern Airlines

Technical Information as an ROI for Modern Airlines

Fleet operators are continually looking for a competitve edge to drive improved efficiencies and levels of service. This white paper addresses that demand through insights to the productivity savings and cost redistributions that can be made through the adoption of a best-of-breed maintenance technical information platform and associated best practise in order to transform tech pubs into an ROI engine rather than merely a cost of doing business.


Drive efficiencies through resource productivity.


Reduction in Print and Hardcopy Scanning and Storage Costs


Increase aircraft availability and utilization


Proven in production by some of the world's most demanding airlines.

“…a typical maintenance engineer spends between 30 and 40% of their time locating relevant technical information…”

– Boeing

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