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Application Decommissioning for InfoArchive

End dependence on costly legacy applications and boost data compliance

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A Measurable Return on Investment

The potential in IT savings, data compliance improvements, and integration with Big Data analytics are three primary benefits of Application Decommissioning for InfoArchive. What’s more, most projects begin with a proof of concept that delivers tangible ROI, often in only a matter of months.

Make Data Compliance Easier

Application Decommissioning with InfoArchive helps simplify data compliance and strengthen your ability to comply with data regulations. The InfoArchive platform uses active archiving to keep data accessible and fully compliant, and its rich set of security, privacy, and data retention rules can be customized to meet or exceed the level of legal and regulatory compliance exhibited by legacy applications.

Optimize ETL for Greater ROI

The ETL Acceleration Suite is a set of tools that streamline the extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) processes for moving data from legacy applications to the InfoArchive platform—speeding up the retirement of outdated, unsupported legacy applications and ensuring accuracy and integrity of legacy data so you can lower application retirement project costs and achieve greater ROI.

Move Legacy Data to the Cloud

Hosted Application Decommissioning provides a dedicated instance of the InfoArchive repository on Flatirons Jouve’s infrastructure. It delivers security equal to on-premise deployments, scalability to meet current and future archiving needs, and high availability with built-in redundancy. Deploy application retirement solutions faster, achieve lower total cost of ownership and realize greater ROI.

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Get Started!

We offer a free, half-day portfolio analysis to help identify the benefits your organization can achieve by archiving data and decommissioning legacy systems and confirm that the business case is compelling for your organization. The analysis includes:

  • Meeting with your business teams and IT organization to identify applications that store aging information that could be archived
  • Defining a project plan that outlines the recommended milestones and tasks required to archive data from the systems, and potentially retire each of the applications
  • Preparing a financial justification and projected ROI
  • Preparing a statement of work that defines the initial data archiving effort, the applications to be retired (if applicable), and the scope of a proof of concept implementation
  • Presenting findings to your project sponsors and stakeholders

Request yours today!

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