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Business Process Digitization

Innovative technologies enhancing business processes

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Our solutions enable you to improve your processing times, standardize your management processes, and simplify access to all records while ensuring compliance with regulations.

We will help you transform your business processes through cross-channel paperless services, EDM platforms, and document and business workflows to automate back-office operations.


With expertise in paperless operations and business process outsourcing, Jouve is the go-to company for outsourced process management. Our integrated document management and business processing platforms are tailored to accommodate your most complex processes and monitor the compliance of your streams.

Many large companies and public institutions have entrusted us with digitizing their document streams, which we achieve efficiently and reliably.

Technology and Services

Our cutting-edge technology in the fields of automated character recognition (ADI) for typewritten and handwritten content, and document recognition (ADR), which has been tried-and-tested on hundreds of millions of pages, will be applied to all your processing operations.

Proven in Production

Flatirons Jouve manages large-scale projects and is committed to high service levels tailored to your requirements in terms of deadlines, quality, compliance, traceability, and document integrity in accordance with the NF Z 42-013 standard.

Get Started!

Flatirons Jouve can assist your organization in getting better utilization on business data processing, higher productivity, scalable projects and a lower cost of operation. Contact us to get started today.

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