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Business Process Digitization

Content Digitization

A leader in advanced technologies for automated document recognition and character recognition (OCR/ICR/OMR), Flatirons Jouve provides you with its highly effective solutions for document digitization.

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At the core of gaining the edge in productivity

Flatirons Jouve solutions stand out with their machine learning power and their robust ability to recognize and process a large variety of documents. Flatirons Jouve enables organizations to achieve a higher standard in content capture and processing and to contribute to real added value creation within companies and organizations. The processes involved enable value to be extracted from acquired documents, making them more accessible, offering new services or even improving their own organizational process.



Beyond simple digitization of documents, automated document recognition, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) technologies bring multiple benefits


Eliminate document handling after digitization, directly increasing team productivity

Optimized costs

Drastically reduce manual inputting, reducing errors and thus processing costs


Achieve the best process control, with a direct impact on your capacity to deliver on your service level agreements


Institute traceability of processes from start to finish, enabling your company to stand out in terms of business

Improved relationships

Improve relations with your external contacts, especially your clients and suppliers


Overall acceleration of your company’s processes.

Digitizing at its best

Flatirons Jouve is committed to the quality and accuracy of reconstructed information, as well as to the confidentiality of its processing procedures.

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