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Business Process Digitization

Customer Relationship Processing

Optimum management of your customer document flows

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Customer first!

The multiplicity of documents arriving and flowing through your organization (internal mail, customer mail, contracts, coupons, regulations, forms. etc.), the strong growth in digital data exchange and the diversity of communication channels, have changed the rules for customer-related document management.

It has become a must to make use of solutions which standardize the circulation of information in order to optimize customer relations management and the coordination of internal services.

Streamline your flow of information

Reducing the processing times of customer records and new organizations by geographical distribution of competencies introduces an efficient distribution of mail to the various sites of a company or administration.

With its large-scale mail hub and its partners, Flatirons Jouve offers organization and solutions for reliable and rapid processing of your incoming mail, consolidation of your outgoing mail, and management of mail circulating between your sites.

Jouve solutions for digitizing customer mail

Automated and simplified sorting rules in preparation
Automated document recognition/imaging processing of digitized images
Dissemination of mail and files in the client’s department baskets, and the management of anomalies and rejected mail

Reduce the distribution and integration times for your customer mail within your departments

Flatirons Jouve can provide you with services based on a document flow management platform which covers the entire document cycle within your organization.

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